New Year Mega Lottery


The Nigeria Lottery and Gaming industry is projected to be over 70 Billion Dollars, with a population growth rate of over 2.4% and youth accounting for over 70% of the total population. The market for lottery and gaming is enormous in Nigeria; this immense opportunity is what inspired the creation of New Year Mega Lottery Ltd.

New Year Mega Lottery Ltd runs its operations round the clock, seven days a week. Our network of sales agent are strategically organized and spread across the 36 states of the country including the FCT, Abuja. Our robust sales teams are situated in all local government areas, communities and villages across the country for ease of Ticket sales and clients services.




Local governements




In NYML, we have the following categories of agents:

  1. 1. Mega Agent (MA) – State level
  2. 2. Sub-Agent (SA) – Local Government level
  3. 3. Sales Point Agent (SPA) – Communities and Villages level


Contact any of our Agents in your community to buy the NYML ticket for =N=200 (Two Hundred Naira Only). Every ticket you buy provides you the opportunity to win at every draw. Consequently, the MORE TICKETS YOU BUY, THE MORE CHANCES YOU GET TO WIN! The New Year Mega Lottery TICKETS come in EIGHT (8) UNIQUE COLORS with each carrying EIGHT (8) DIGIT WINNING NUMBERS.


In the draws, there shall be a total of Ten (10) categories with 50 Winners emerging with a minimum winning of One Million Naira (N1,000,000) and a jackpot winning of N50 Million naira (N50,000,000) only.


Winning Numbers shall be displayed on a screen while Winners will be announced immediately and results uploaded on the NYML website. With New Year Mega Lottery, you can enjoy 10 Monthly draws that guarantees a turn-up of 230 Winners from different categories winning from Fifty thousand naira (N50, 000) to One Million naira (1,000,000) only. New Year Mega Lottery is the only lottery Company that provides you the opportunity of becoming a Millionaire with a Mega lifestyle.

The only lottery company in the world where one single ticket can win in all the eleven draws and all categories.

New Year Mega Lottery is the only company in Nigeria that makes Fifty (50) Millionaire every first of January in one day under one hour.

N150, 000 and Below
If your prize is up to N150, 000 and below:


  • - Claim it at any licensed Mega Agent Office in your location
  • - Walk into any of the New Year Mega Lottery Customer Service Centers and provide the following documents:
  • - Provide Your Winning Ticket .
  • - A valid government-issued ID.
  • - A valid National Identification Number NIN .

N350, 000 and Above
If your prize is N350, 000 or more:


  • - Schedule an appointment and
    claim your prize at one of the New Year Mega Lottery Ltd Customer Service Centers. .
  • Note: Appointment is required to claim your prize.
  • -Redeem at a designated Prize Claim Center.
  • Appointment is required to claim prize.
  • -Kindly Mail all relevant documents to the New Year Mega Lottery official email for processing.

  • What you need
    To redeem your prize, you will need to provide
    • 1. Your Winning Ticket
    • 2. A Filled-Out Claim Form
    • 3. A valid government-issued ID
    • 4. A valid National Identification Number NIN

    • Dowload
      Lottery Claim Form to Book an Appointment with Customer Service Center
      To claim your prize, contact the New Year Mega Lottery Customer Service Center to set up an appointment for verifications and pay-outs.

      If your prize is N350, 000 and above, you will need to fill out the entire Claim Form above.
      Your claim will be processed on site unless your winning is a Jackpot win. Make a copy of your Claim Form and winning ticket and hold onto them until you receive your winnings.

      Lottery Customer Service and Other Prize Claim Centers
      The NYML Customer Service Centers are open to the public and winners can claim their rewards by making an appointment or simply walk in to do so.

      All tickets can be cashed at designated Lottery Customer Service Centers. Players may leave additional tickets for processing.

      • Claims by Mail
      • Winning tickets for all amounts may be mailed to the address below. However, you must provide all necessary documents, ticket(s) and a completed Claim Form. Make a copy of the front and back of your ticket, as well as the completed Claim Form. We recommend you use registered mail to track your mailing. Please be sure to include a return address:

      New Year Mega Lottery Ltd
      7th Avenue Road 611 House 4 Gwarimpa
      Abuja, Nigeria

      Remember! Draw Game winnings must be claimed within 90 days after the draw date. The New Year Mega Lottery winnings must be claimed within ninety days (90) after the draw and winners announced for each draws categories. Find results; individual page here to see if a Cash Deadline has been announced. If you do not see the draw results listed, it’s likely past its winning claim Deadline.

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